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Top Places To Scatter Ashes In The UK

13th October 2016   Latest News


Scattering ashes of a loved one is a wonderful way to honour their life. Nowadays, cremation has become increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional burial service. The ceremony takes place on a funeral pyre or at a crematorium, whereby the body is cremated and the ashes are collected for family, friends and loved ones to scatter or store personally.

Many people find the entire process, from receiving the ashes to scattering them in memorable or personal place, extremely cathartic, and dispersing ashes offers those close to the deceased a chance to commemorate their life in a particular way to them. In many instances, those who have decided that they would like to be cremated will have had some thoughts about where they would like their ashes to be spread, however, it is said that 52% of people don’t give funeral plans any thought.

Being laid to rest at a place you must love is a comforting thought and this could be in a happy place, during a special event, or with the remains of a loved one – you can even decide to have ashes divided and scattered in more than one place.

Here at ISCA Funerals, we’ve put together a compilation of destinations which display the top places to scatter ashes in the UK, perhaps giving you a few ideas if you’ve recently lost somebody close.

Private & personal

Undisturbed and secluded, the private land will allow you to hold a personal ceremony in your own space and time. Make sure you have permission from the landowner if the land is not your own.

A place of beauty

Public areas such as beauty spots and parks are a popular choice. However, there have been issues with the excessive use of beauty spots and they are not particularly private. Be sure to arrange the ceremony in advance and be prepared for potential unwanted visitors.

Waves of tranquillity

There are no legal requirements for scattering ashes in the sea, you can cast them from the shoreline or from a boat. Using a biodegradable urn enables the ashes to sink and break down over time – allowing time to reflect and preventing the ashes from blowing back towards the ceremony.

Family first

Many people plan to bury or scatter a loved one’s ashes on a family grave. It’s an incredibly sentimental and personal way to commemorate a life. Be sure to check with the cemetery or landowner to ensure there are no legal requirements beforehand.

Go out with a bang!

Incorporating ashes into fireworks is a truly remarkable and alternative way celebrate life! The ashes can be set as part of a display or in an individual firework. Send your loved ones to the heavenly stars in style, and chose to have a self-firing display at home for privacy.

The ceremonial summit

Mountain and hill summits provide a dramatic setting for the scattering ceremony, but it is important to remember that these are particularly windy places and the risk of having the ashes blow back may cause distress. Consider somewhere off the beaten track and away from people.

Sparkle & shine

Turn your loved one into a gorgeous pendant, charm beads, bracelets, rings and much more with custom made cremation jewellery. These beautiful sympathy gifts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours and ensure you can keep your loved one close by at all times.

Tree-mendous celebrations

You may decide to scatter ashes in a woodland trust or a tree planting site. Be sure to get permission beforehand, and that the woodland site is open and available to conduct the ceremony.

Activity hot spots

Golf clubs, football pitches, cricket fields – these are just some of the sporting grounds that you may want to consider scattering your loved one’s ashes. Perhaps they were a sporting enthusiast or a life long fan of a particular team? Again, be sure to get permission when using the privately owned land.

Home sweet home

One simplistic, yet personal and sentimental ceremony could be to scatter your ashes in the back garden, or even keep the ashes in an urn in the house. This is a common approach to keeping your loved one close by and cherishing their memory.

Go the extra mile

Some families opt to scatter their loved one’s ashes abroad. There is no law which restricts the act of taking ashes outside of the country; however, it’s best to check with the airline to ensure you can take them on board the flight and to find out about the laws of the country you are travelling to.

The law on scattering ashes

Within the UK, the laws on scattering ashes are fairly relaxed. There is nothing specific in the legislation to restrict people from spreading the cremains where they like.

Legally, ashes are considered to be the same as a body; this cannot be owned or divided by anybody, many people prefer to ‘share’ ashes, particularly if members of the family live far away and wish to keep or spread the ashes in different parts.

Although laws may be fairly relaxed, it can be difficult to get the law on your side when it comes to gaining permission on somebody else’s land, this is where complications may arise. It is certainly wise to gain the landowner’s permission or places that you may suspect to be off-limits.

There are no health, safety or environmental issues to be concerned about. Your own moral compass/judgment can be equally right within the reasons of common sense.

There are a number of dramatic, inspiring or personal settings that people may choose to sprinkle ashes. If you require assistance with direct cremations or funeral advice and help, please contact us at your convenience today.

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