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Low Cost Funerals: Are They The Future?

13th April 2017   Funerals Latest News

When a loved one passes away, it is natural for one to allow ample time to grieve and heal; however, many are faced with impossible funeral bills and financial burdens that the government are unwilling to support.

Thankfully, with the rise of organisations like Fair Funerals, funeral poverty is looking to gradually decrease. With the introduction of specialist low-cost funeral services, and organisations and funeral directors keen to make a change, we hope to see a world where everybody can afford to lay their loved ones to rest in a dignified, personal way.

The rising cost of funerals

As it stands, the price of a life ending is a small fortune. The cost of funerals has risen more than 90% in the last decade. When the price of a funeral is beyond a person’s ability to pay, financial constraints can cause a severe worry to families, making the sorrowful time even more difficult. At ISCA Funerals, we specialise in low-cost funerals and promote thoughtful services on a budget with all-inclusive pricing.

Many funeral directors are unclear about their pricing structure, with a staggering 96% not showing prices on their website. This is usually to entice vulnerable clients into spending more than necessary.

What are the main causes of funeral poverty?

  • Increasing funeral costs
  • Confusing benefit system
  • Lack of information
  • Vulnerable customers
  • Unclear pricing structure
  • It is not discussed enough

rising funeral costs

No-frills funeral options

Everybody deserves a funeral, but with financial issues causing arrangement problems, a growing number of people are now opting for low-cost funerals and direct cremations with no attendees. It’s not just the low-cost options that are attracting people, as funeral services modernise, many desire to make funerals alternative and humanist. Additionally, the deceased may have requested a simple service.

For those wanting to lower funeral cost, a direct funeral is the answer. This type of service provides individuals and families with an affordable option, while memorial services and tributes can be held after the cremation. At ISCA Funerals, we offer direct cremations at a lower fixed price, as well as budgeted comprehensive options.

Extras that can be eliminated

When all the costs and features of a funeral add up, they can cost a large amount of money. Without a large enough budget, a thoughtful send-off can seem out of reach. However, the following items are optional and can respectfully reduce funeral cost.

  • Attendees
  • Flowers
  • Wreaths
  • Catering

ISCA Funeral Directors – Low Cost Funerals

We have developed all-inclusive options to provide a service that meets the demands and helps individuals and families save money. As professional funeral directors with many years industry experience, our aim is to provide meaningful, respectful funerals within budget.

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