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How Funerals Help The Grieving Process

21st April 2017   Latest News

Rich in history and symbolism, the funeral service enables people to lay their loved ones to rest. Historically, the ceremony has been viewed as an important part of the grieving process and is designed to bring family and friends together to provide support to one another and share memories of the deceased.

The funeral ritual allows us to express our thoughts and feelings about the death of a loved one in a safe, caring environment. Here, we come together to cherish the life of the deceased, accept the reality of their death, and essentially, gain closure.

Such symbolic rituals provide a support system and allow us to appreciate the value of life. Ultimately, the funeral ritual is a means of transformation: we arrive at the service in one state, and we leave in another.

As professional funeral directors, we are well positioned to share our thoughts on why funerals are so important for helping the grieving process.

A funeral service satisfies several momentous needs

  • They give testimony to the life of the deceased and allow us to remember their importance.
  • They provide stability and balance in a time of chaos and suffering.
  • They allow mourners to acknowledge and accept the reality of death and bring a partial sense of mental closure.
  • They enable us to express our grief and sorrow in a positive, cathartic way; thus improving the grieving process.
  • They provide a support system for those mourning and give courage and hope to the living.

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What is the purpose of a funeral?

Predominantly, funerals help us to truly accept and embrace the reality of death.They t provide us with a physical point of departure and a final understanding of a loved one’s passing.

The ceremony encourages friends and family to remember the person who has died and reminisced about their life. It gives us a chance to share special memories with others and celebrate cherished qualities of the deceased.

The funeral service creates an aura of love, respect and support, which builds a stronger bond between those who care about each other. It allows us to reach out to others to share the suffering and pain, therefore playing a crucial role in the healing process.

Despite the direct loss of a loved one, funerals help us to move forward and encourage us to realise the value and significance of life. This can help us to appreciate and take more enjoyment out of life’s pleasures.

The funeral ritual gives us an opportunity to express our internal thoughts and emotions regarding life and death. Fundamentally, the purpose of the funeral service is to treasure and embrace what it means to be alive.

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Why money doesn’t determine the quality of a funeral

Many life events can be special and memorable, yet don’t require irrational amounts of money. The assumption that a meaningful funeral requires substantial costs couldn’t be more false. The most important constituents of a funeral include the people, the eulogy, the symbols and the memories.

ISCA Funerals is passionate about creating memorable and personal funeral services that suit your specific needs and budget. Our attention to detail and personal approach means that we can accommodate most requests, whether you prefer a traditional funeral, a direct funeral or an alternative ceremony.

We specialise in planning low-cost funerals that reflect and celebrate a life and endeavour to include those all-important small details to give the personal touch. To speak to a member of our team today about our Exeter funeral services, please fill out our enquiry form or give us a call.

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