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What is a burial ?

A burial usually takes place after a ceremony or service has been held, it can be held at any venue of your choosing, or it can be held at the grave side.

Family and close friends are often invited to the burial, where a few short words may be said before the minister or celebrant says the committal as the coffin is lowered into the ground.

It is tradition for family and friends to then scatter soil onto the coffin once the coffin has been lowered into the ground, whilst others may throw flowers onto the coffin.

Where can I have a burial?

A burial can take place at:

  • A Churchyard
  • A Cemetery
  • A Woodland burial site
  • On your own land
  • At sea

Prior to the burial the grave will be prepared, ensuring it is the correct size, and it will be dressed with green artificial grass, as shown in the picture to your right.

Burial plots

ISCA Funerals are able to help you check local regulations and availability when choosing a burial plot or grave.

If you already own a burial plot, we can arrange for the headstone to be removed, if there is one, and for the grave to be reopened prior to the burial of your loved one.

If you don’t already own a burial plot, we can help you select an appropriate place where there is availability to place your loved one.

How much does a burial cost?

Burial costs vary greatly across the UK, and unfortunately a lot of the third party costs are out of our control, however we are happy to explain the third party costs to you.

The overall cost of a burial with ISCA can include the following:

  • Collection of your loved one from a Hospital, care home or their own home.
  • Our professional fees to liaise with family, Doctors, council or PCC
  • A minister or celebrant to lead the funeral service
  • A black hearse
  • The coffin you have selected for your loved one
  • 20 Orders of service
  • A grave marker
  • The exclusive rights of burial (EROB)- this is the burial plot itself.
  • The interment- this fee is for the preparation of the burial plot.

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