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Funeral Directors Bristol


This service, which was led by our celebrant Julie Fox, was held at Mathew’s Hall in Topsham and comfortably held 100 guests. Friends attended in the morning to decorate the hall with wild flowers in readiness for the service to proceed.

Each chair had an order of service, provided by us and a packet of wild flowers provided by friends for each guest to take home and plant in memory of their friend.

The congregation listened to music provided by a DJ, sang “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”, listened to readings and tributes from friends and family, had some quiet time to reflect and then, and only then did they say their final goodbye.

There was no time limit on how long the service could be, so there was no rush for guests to leave on time and the hall to be cleared. The congregation left bit by bit and re grouped at the local Pub to share more fond memories of their loved one.

The close family members then opted for a direct cremation the next day with additional chapel time to listen to some music and say their final farewell together.This was a truly beautiful service for such a beautiful lady, who deserved a unique and fitting send off just as her family had requested.

“Nothing was too much trouble for them and they accommodated our every wish.”





We have recently held a similar service at Jubilee Hall, Chagford for a family who really didn’t want to have a funeral service at the Crematorium, in fact they wanted to celebrate their loved ones life and continued to celebrate after the funeral service was over!

Members of the community decorated the hall with a photograph timeline, a memory book for comments, a floral arch for the coffin to sit under, a parachute canopy for over head decoration and the deceased published books dotted around.

We provided the orders of service and the friends provided seed packets. There was a licenced bar for guests to purchase a drink prior to the service beginning.

The family arrived once the hall was ready and their loved one arrived soon after, there were speeches, hymns, a solo, tears of sadness, tears of laughter and a champagne toast for the finale.

The following day, the family met us at the Crematorium of their choice and had a private family goodbye. Simple yet dignified, intimate and personal.

“We had an incredible service for my beloved husband”


Home burial


This home burial was truly an honour and a pleasure to conduct.

The gentleman was a farmer, and had always said he wanted to be buried at home.

His two sons dug their fathers final resting place using the farming equipment available to them. An emotional last act for their loved one.

On the day we arrived with the prepared orders of service, and the gentleman in a natural wicker coffin and we loaded him onto his timber trailer which was decorated with yellow bows.

He was taken to his final resting place on his timber trailer whilst his family followed behind.

Seats were made out of cut logs again by the sons, music was played off of a speaker controlled by family, Julie Fox of Aurora ceremonies led a beautiful service and family members gave heartfelt tributes.

His sons, with guidance from our staff assisted lowering their father into his final resting place using the timber trailer.

A truly beautiful and unique service.

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